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Here you can get answer how to post your product, how to get product, how to safe in



Just click in Give in rent button and give the all documents of your product and post it.

To set a new password on just click on forgot password link and get instruction using email.

It will store in our server permanently but when we will see the product is not getting any rent in around six months then the ad will remove from our server.

Just click in your profile and then click on listed products.

If you want to give your products in rent and don’t know to give just get support.

If you post your product free in you will get millions of visitors and your product will go in rent and you will get money.

You just need to post your product on and use proper information of product and product owner.

Just click on register/login if you are not registered user go to signup menu and give the required information over there and get register yourself.

To login in your account just click on login button and get login yourself using your username password or facebook ID.

Click on your profile and go to account menu and edit or update your information.

Give the phone number in your account and click on get code number after that put the code you just receive via your phone.

Simply click on give in rent button and post your product to give in rent.

Request for product is notification from user who wants to get products in rent and this notification will appear to the user if they post any products to give in rent.

After sending the request for a products if the products owner agree to give that product in rent then the notification will appear to the users.

After posting of a product the product owner will get more notification for that product and they will give their product to specific person by pressing agree button.

After agree to give in rent by the product owner they will get notification for that product that the product owner are agree to give their product in rent and by pressing the got it button the user will provide their acknowledgement that they got that product in rent.

After finishing the hole process of rent both product owner and renter will give feedback and rating to each others.

If the product owner say that they have some condition to give their product in rent e.g: user should provide National ID to get their product this kind of condition is said the terms of rent.

Suppose someone has posted for a product or services to give in rent but that product need to be free for next rent. That is the time when the product will be free for rent.

When the product owner will post their product to give in rental purpose in they should specify that how they will satisfy their clients or how good service they will provide for their clients.

After getting a product in rent they user will mention that what the quality of that product or the product owner and they will give the feedback also.

Paid products and services Q&A

Additional Q&A

Simply click on BN button and read the whole website in Bangla.

If you don’t have Bangla writing as default simply do as follows

  • Download: Avro Keyboard, Google Input Tools as Bangla typing software.
  • Use online keyboard as google translate and copy paste on

How to rent fast?

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    Give the appropriate price price for rent your products.

    • See the similar product for their rent price.
    • The users how much will interested for your products to get in rent.
  2. image

    Use quality of photos

    • Use photos of product and make sure that the photos are really awesome.
    • Make sure that the photos are clearly describe your product and quality of your products.
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    Describe your product in details

    • Provide more information about your product to know the people who are interested for your products.
    • Use some special quality of your product that why your product is better.
    • Honestly describe your product details.
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    • Make the terms of rent if you have any condition for give in rent your product in rent with other people.
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    Service Satisfaction

    • How you will serve to your clients and how your clients find you that you give better service than others or what is your specialty for service or products.
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    Promote ad!

    • To get more views of your product just promote your ad.
    • More views = more rent you will earn for your products
    • With more interested renter you will be able to give your product in rent with people.

Stay safe on are 100% dedicated to give trusted and secure service for rental purpose.

Here you will find how to safe on when you are getting or giving in rent through

General advice

  • See the products owners are phone verified. First see that the product owners are phone number verified with also see that the renter are phone number verified.
  • See the good rating and feedback product. Before you getting a product make sure that the product rating is good than others. Select that products to get in rent also the user’s rating.
  • Clearly mention and discuss the condition of rent. Before getting or giving a product in rent, first talk both of you product owner and renter about the terms of rent and service satisfaction.
  • Don’t give financial information. You just need to give the product in rent or get in rent for that reason doesn’t give any financial information to others.
  • Don’t give without phone number verification: don’t give your product to any people who are not phone number verified and also don’t take any product that’s product owner are not phone number verified.
  • Contact support: after getting or giving in rent if you feel any guilty then contact for support.

Scams and frauds to watch out for

  • If you feel that you have been the victim of a scam, please report your situation to us immediately. If you have been cheated, we also recommend that you contact your local police department.
  • If you feel that you are getting problem with the renter or product owner and you have been victim please contact with us directly. If you cheated then we also recommend you to contact with your police station over there.
  • is faithful to confirming the privacy of its clients and therefore does not share data about its users widely. However, we are dedicated to the safety of our clients and will collaborate with the police department should we take any demands for information in joining with criminal or other fraudulent activity.

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A government holiday is close helpline.

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