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The site is organised into several sections, as shown below. The sections are broken down by category and there is also a general section where you will find pages with useful information.


Find Property/Land in rent to grow your business or profit.


Get your Apartment/Home in a minute with us.

Convention center

You can get convention center all over the country where you need.


Do you need any kind of machineries for your task done immediately then you will get different types of machineries here in rent.


Get your hotel room right now with us. The hotels are in comfortable and suitable for you.

Picnic spot

Get the picnic spot where you want to go with friends and family, this is easy and fast way to find out.


Get your shop or mall with us in all over the county in a cheap rate.


If you need any Lab facilities right now then you can get it fast from all over the Bangladesh.


Do you need dedicated people for your services? You can contact with them and get them for your job right now.


Are you looking for office, you can get this with us in your selected area.


Do you need any building in all over the country? Just find it out now.


If you need Helicopter Services in Emergency then get it now.


Do you need Launch for your family or other occasion? Just get it here.


If you need a steamer in rent All over the Bangladesh for use. You can find it out with in a minute. Just find and get in rent now.


You can get any kind of boat in a rent for hourly in a cheap rate from here.

Speed boat

You can get any kind of boat in a rent for hourly in a cheap rate from here.


If you are looking for bus/mini bus services in a rent just get it here.


If you need any Truck in various sizes in rent, just get it here.


If you are looking for different kind of Electronic instrument urgently in rent then you will find it here easily and fast.

Easy bike

If you feel to get a Easy bike in a rent for few hours then get it here.

Motor cycle

If you need a motor cycle in a rent right now, just click and ride.


If you need a car for your personal, office or family use then get it now.


If you need any Taxi in rent, just get it here.


If you want a roof in rent all over the Bangladesh then go ahead and find it out with us.


Get a CNG in a few minutes all over the Bangladesh just clicking here and ride now.

HD camera

Are you looking for a HD Camera in marriage or any others party to get the party awesome? Find it out from a quality number of cameras.

Musical instrument/ Decoration

Do you need musical instrument or decorate any party or other space then find it out with

Ad space

Do you need to promote your product or brand then find out ad space in all over the Bangladesh in a low price.


Get many more things in a rent with