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Advertise your brand on BDrent.Net – the largest Rental website in Bangladesh!

BDrent.Net has millions of visitors every single month – which of them do you need to extent?

The basic service of rent are posting an ad remains free on BDrent.Net, we now compromise extra options for industries who want to spread their business to new customers easily and quickly. With our banner advertising, you can reach customers directly and advertise your product efficiently.

If you need help to creating your banner.

We can help you to create one that is exceptionally custom-made to your brand.


Reach to your targeted customers

We help you to reach your targeted customers all over the Bangladesh for your business grow up.


Advertising Pattern

Top Ad

You can post your ad on above of navigation bar on mobile phone and the below on Desktop computer which ad is practically viewed by all the visitors of site. Your first choice to set up that kind of awesome ad.

For Desktop: 970 x 90 px

For Mobile: 320 x 50 px


Cost Efficient Ad

This is really cost efficient ad for our clients and this ad will appear after search results.This will show on account page.

For Desktop: 160 x 600 px


Mobile Banner ad

This is the another effective ad for clients which will appear on pagination of search result page which will viewed by all the customers of our site.

For Mobile: 320 x 100 px


Square Ad

The Square is a best placement on every of our ad sheets. This is the great way to reach with the visitors to more grow of business.

For Desktop: 250 x 250 px

For Mobile: 300 x 250 px


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