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Privacy policy

We effort to give a secure and trusted services all over the Bangladesh and for this why we need to use some data for identification and give the service in trusted way of IT.

That is why we asked for few data of our clients so that we can get in touch our clients and give them support.


Given Personal Information normally visible publicly with BDrent.Net. You have to give us all the information about your products and must be valid and updated information. If you are agree to give the real, and validate data of products and product’s owner the data will store in our server.

We collect the following data of products and products owner:

  • Username, phone number, Email Address depending on rent we collect national ID or Financial Information.
  • Sign in data traffic from and to BDrent.Net and advertisement response.
  • Standard web log information and IP address.


We use the personal data of our clients for:

  • Provide useful services to our clients.
  • Collect fees, arguments and solve troubleshooting.
  • Safe service is our policies.
  • Measure our service interest, experience and benefits.
  • Update the services and inform to our clients for updates and services.
  • Other additional things are described information collection period.


We do not sell user’s information to the third parties for marketing purpose without user’s agreement. We may release the information to react to legal use, implement our policies. React to the posting or rental hesitates or rights to protect our clients safety, rights, property.

Communication and email tools

You agree to get marketing contents of new feature and services behalf or our advertising partners until you disagree with us for that kind of communications.

If you disagree with us for that kind of communication simply follow the direction for disagreement with the communication. Do not use our communication tools or site to gather addresses, spam otherwise break our Privacy policy or Terms of use. To report of product or spam please contact support.


We use various tools -phone verification, username, encryption, password, address identification to protect your information from unauthorized access and misuse.

All the personal electronic information will be keep invisible without you agree to use that. If you break the laws of your residence or terms of use the services you are loss the rights your personal information.

Contact details

Support E-mail: [email protected]
Support telephone: +88029204416

Information un-subscription

If you want to remove your information from our database please contact with us. You will be able to unsubscribe our email any time simply click the un-subscription link. This website use of displaying ad and uses marketing technology with google advertise and analytics.